Podcast #272: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Myth of Progress

An engagement ring is exactly what you think they might be. The bride wears the ring during her engagement to signify her upcoming wedding. Engagement rings used to symbolize the wealth of the man proposing, demonstrating that he had enough money to care for his bride. Obviously that tradition has fallen by the wayside, but engagement rings still continue to get flashier and more expensive. You can read more about diamond carats and prices here. Wedding rings are exchanged by the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. Both can be worn during the wedding, but a wedding ring is typically worn under the engagement ring. Wedding rings are often plain bands, although they can have diamonds or stones, and are often solid platinum gold, or white gold. They can be gold, tungsten , platinum, titanium, silver, or a variety of other metals.

How America Failed Black Women (Once Again) with #BoycottBlackPanther Hoax

Reality Steve, I have been married for 18 years and we have 4 children. My husband is away for work about days and then home for 2. When he is home, we try to spend some time alone and have a breakfast date or a date night. When we are all just hanging out at home I feel like he pushes me aside. I look forward to the time that he is home and I hate that he spends most of his time outside. He is outdoorsy and I am not.

Spotify has opened up more to creators lately, with measures such as allowing independent artists to upload their music directly. The streaming service is extending a similar invitation to podcasters, by letting anyone add their shows to the podcast section.

Go back to the beginning U. Gore in the presidential election. There have been years of demonstrations showing the machines are vulnerable to various attacks. Many voting experts disagree. For starters, the machines must be loaded with candidates — somehow. This is usually done with an election management system. His technique actually has a name: Some of the same machines he hacked 15 years ago are still being used in elections today.

Harri Hursti was the first to figure out how to get into two different kinds of voting machines. But he considers the DRE the most dangerous for our votes.

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Shares 19K Yes, I said hoax. On January 2, BlackTwitter lit up with tweets about black women boycotting the Black Panther movie because of the actor is dating Ashlyn Castro. Soon, the gossip sites picked up on the story, and so did the forums. By January 3, the major media publications were spreading the word that the same underestimated force that shut down Roy Moore in Alabama had turned its sights onto the most anticipated movie of the year.

In fact, it was Black Twitter that discovered the shenanigans. Black men fell for troll accounts on Michael B jordan’s instagram acc regarding the imaginary black panther boycott and threw black women under the bus.

Jul 07,  · In July , our War Stories documentary team returned to Iraq to cover what everyone hoped would be the beginning of the end of the war against Saddam Hussein’s regime. It was a .

The franchise was recently re-imagined with the Jurassic World series of films, but what if they had gotten the band back together for a Jurassic Park 4? That’s what Jeramy and Adam set out to discover when they invited their own team of experts to return to Isla Nublar for this podcast and create an exciting new Jurassic Park sequelo the original trilogy. Fan favorite Judy returns to the show as she has for all of our Spielberg podcasts and also along for the tour is Forrest, most recently on our Spy Special episode.

The excitement comes hard and heavy as we explore the possibility of a spin-off featuring Dr. Henry Wu, a family film about a boy and his dinosaur set on a farm as well as a discovery of an abandoned experiment on the island that marks the shocking return of Samuel L Jackson’s Ray Arnold to the universe. Our Jurassic Park conversation is fun-filled as we learn which host hadn’t watched any Jurassic Park film until this month and how the Raptor fighting gymnastics scene proves that representation matters to one of our guests.

Our Jurassic Park 4 episode is jam-packed with dino-sized fun, so listen now! Now on Spotify as well!

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The truth that Theo almost died trying to keep to himself. Only when he hit bottom with drugs, sex and gambling could he summon the courage to face what had happened when he was a rising 14 year-old phenom. He talks about his childhood, his hockey career, getting sober and his post-career mission of raising awareness and trying to change outdated sentencing laws that allow sexual predators to continue to abuse in Canada, especially the new documentary about it, Victor Walk.

For your first three meals free with free shipping go to www. It can be read here.

A weekly podcast dedicated to exploring the unexplored possibilities hidden within our favorite film franchises. Each episode the hosts conceive a plot for a sequel or prequel to a movie that they feel is worthy of additional installments, then discuss everything from the poster art, to the soundtrack, to the promotional tie-ins and marketing campaigns.

By Nick Schreck April 2, 12 Comments It’s beginning to look a lot like the best time of the year! Of course, we mean NFL and fantasy football time! You didn’t really think we’d say Christmas did you!? Although it is a close second. Because we love talking fantasy football, fantasy football team names and everything else you can imagine, you might find this post at different points in the season. So if it’s already past week 1 of the NFL season, just skip forward to the fantasy football team name part.

Or, you can hang around for the stories and fun that we share before the team name lists. Here’s the reason you’re here: We know you want the list and the names more than you truly care about us, and that’s okay. But hear us out just for a few minutes. We search the internet, Instagram, Pinterest, and everywhere in-between to find the best fantasy football team names for

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Insofar as normal everyday people actually drive connected cars. Shout-out to my totally analog beat-up red Subaru Forester. On a completely related note: And as I noted on Vulture , the new season will be exclusively available on Spotify, though the show is planning to distribute the first episode in all the places you can usually find podcasts: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and so on.

The second episode and every subsequent installment will be found only on Spotify.

Don’t Panic Podcast. Website; Twitter; There are so many ways to relate, don’t panic about it! Tune in each week to hear stories about love and sex from guests living their dreams in a diverse sampling of all the possibilities for consensual adult relationships.

We found out we were pregnant and then things changed from there. The blog initially started after we had moved back home to Washington State, and I started my own dessert catering and wedding cake business. And so the blog was my free website. I think the most natural is the recipe development or the idea for the food.

But coming up with the food ideas, I think, comes pretty naturally for me and then also the photography aspect. The writing is the hardest and I think I could have so many more recipes and so many more photos and things like that than I actually share. It just takes so much time, and it takes so much attention. I just value cookbooks in such a different way now.

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Serial started a phenomenon in podcasting, that of true crime coverage suddenly becoming not just popular, but valued. For the true crime devotee, here are twenty different kinds of true crime podcasts: Some of these are similar to Serial and S-Town and some are wildly different, both in topic and method, but they are all the kind of true crime podcast that will leave you questioning the human psyche, social relationships, and the legal system.

Jun 23,  · Episode Potsticker Dating Game, Mayo and Mild Sauce In this episode of the “Chewing” food and health podcast, Louisa Chu and guest co-host Bill Daley, fellow Chicago Tribune .

Vulnerability Porn — from me to you! That meant a night the audience would enjoy and remember and, for me, high enough ticket sales so I could finally fix my sex ed mobile and get back out on the road to teach sex workshops and attend conferences. Photo by Alex Ell from Whoopee! We had a Sunday night show the night after the World Naked Bike Ride , there were record high heats, and it was just Pride Weekend — not easy to compete with those things.

On my actual birthday, I had one of my worst days in recent memory. It started with me being admitted to the hospital with a very painful autoimmune flare-up, and continued to get comically worse, until it ended with both of my dogs puking all over the house. When it rains it pours, and this time it poured vomit. I was pretty ready to give up.

It felt like rock bottom to me after one of the worst years of my life, in which I got divorced, sold my possessions and moved into an RV to travel the country only to have the RV break down on me, was crashed into by a hit and run driver that left me with medical bills and worsened my chronic pain condition, dealt with multiple mental health crises, and had my heart broken again.

But when I told my best friends about my fears and plans, they all told me I was full of shit. They begged me to never be normal, and encouraged me to try a few more things before I gave up on my dreams. However, I love my job and am very passionate about my chosen career. So, I really want to be able to keep teaching, writing, interviewing, and podcasting about sex, relationships, love, and intersectional feminism. I know creating and performing, and vulnerably sharing those parts of myself, will help me heal.

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Making Changes with the Happy Hour Ladies Making Changes with the Happy Hour Ladies Today is the last Friday of the month and my regular listeners know that on the last Friday of the month, I host a happy hour, where I gather great friends with me to drink cheap drinks and talk about money topics. For many people, they are going to start the year off unemployed and this is the case for one of my listeners, I spent my holidays working on my plans for the Financial Gym for , cleaning my home, and relaxing as much as

Nov 02,  · You can listen to our podcasts and radio anytime, anywhere. Stitcher also has exclusive back catalog podcast episodes of WTF with Marc Maron, True Crime Garage, Comedy Bang! Bang! and many more Earwolf shows plus ad-free, original content on Stitcher Premium, including the Marvel comics based, Wolverine: The Long Night. P.S/5(K).

Through an album by album analysis, listen to these friends break down everything and nothing about the band. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu With the political circus of the presidential election heating up, you can laugh or you can cry. Comedians and longtime friends W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu have a shared curiosity about our political process and constantly changing electoral landscape.

Whether it’s an interest in exposing the unjust or the absurd, you can count on Hari and Kamau to ask the important “why? Why are people still having such trouble voting? Why was Joe the Plumber a thing? They’ll try to answer questions like those each and every week throughout the election. Every week Negin and a cast of her funniest, smartest and most politically astute friends John Fugelsang, Lizz Winstead, Dean Obeidallah and others gather ’round the political roundtable to break down the news, make you laugh, think, and deliver a gut punch to the American political system.

Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free.

Episodes We Love: The Power Of No, Part 1

My problem was how to record quality video. I figured out how to do it and now have my own video recording studio. I found other women business owners who wanted to make quality videos.

A podcast about women finding their focus and place in business, art, culture, and life. Sisters, Nicole and Nailah Blades, host this ongoing conversation, sharing women’s compelling stories .

Deeply ashamed and terrified to confront their truth, these lost souls dwell in the shadows. As a culture we perpetuate the cycle of shame by judging those afflicted as weak, even sub-human. This creates a climate of fear and silence, further entrenching a deep sense of self-hatred that drives the addict into a prison of loneliness and despair, isolating that individual from the life-saving solution to their fatal disease.

Towards that end, I give you the story of Amy Dresner. I first came across Amy by way of our mutual friend and record-setting 8-time podcast guest Mishka Shubaly and her recently released memoir, My Fair Junkie: Growing up in Beverly Hills, Amy had it all: Soon, if you could snort it, smoke it, or have sex with, she did. Amy pulls no punches. Her raw honesty is as devastating as it is courageous — perhaps even shocking for those less intimately familiar with the ravishes of addiction.

Today we get into all of it. This is a candid conversation about the dark underbelly of drug abuse, sex addiction, and alcoholism. But between the lines, this is a powerful exchange about courage — the courage to face and ultimately own your truth.

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