How to Identify Vintage Mink, Fox, Rabbit, Beaver & Raccoon Furs

Furwise and BonniesVintageClothesLine like this. I am happy to help here and through my site always. Your fur coats are; 2. Possibly Pony from Russia. Muskrat dyed to look like Mink. Another Muskrat dyed to look like Mink. I might be able to confirm or rule out Pony on number 2 if you describe the texture of the fur.

Faux Fur Coat with hand-made beading rivet long Sleeve

In , Blue Bell Inc. Company, owner of the Wrangler Name Brand. It is interesting to note that the Wrangler label or the back of the jeans has never been produced in leather. The Wrangler label was first made in pressed card and then in plastic for a simple reason. The Wrangler jeans were designed for cowboys and when the leather label and leather saddle came into contact they would stick together.

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Really great looks, love these gorgeous faux fur accessories! Earlier I saw an article about real fur making a come back. Check out my blog for another way on how to style the fur waistcoat so we can all join the craze! I am a big lover of fur vests, but i must admit that i did not like any of those in the pictures you posted. The outfits themselves are quite inspiring in fact; but more or less all these vests are horrible, for the shape and for the fabric. For i own some myself, i can definetely tell that there is much better faux fur quality around; it is important to choose a good quality item both in fabric and in feature, because if not the figure is not flattered at all.

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A lounge singer in a champagne colored sequined evening gown and diamond jewelry is singing by the piano. It opens as glamorous as can be. Those fizzy aldehydes go straight to your head. Neroli or orange blossom, citruses or sweet lemon juice. There is also a brilliant golden lustre, like beads, sparkling little sequins.

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Midge Trade Member Looks great, Paul! I like your dress too: Yes, fur is tricky I’ve never had a real fur piece and know pretty much nothing about. I can’t see a fault in buying a vintage piece of fur though, as Louise said. Here in Zurich, there are some traditional furriers around still, but you see almost nobody actually wearing fur.

It’s a whole different story though in Vienna, where my best pal lives – there you see women wearing fur here and there.

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We saw it all over the runways in a variety of styles, from Rachel Zoe vests to full-on fur coats, gloves, earmuffs, scarfs and everything in between. I consider myself nothing more or less than an animal of this earth. However, I will also declare that I will buy vintage fur or leather products as a sustainable option to use the resources which are pre-existing.

I believe that we each have a right to our own opinions, no matter the subject matter. The runways set the stage for trends and mainstream ready-to-wear designers take note. These are the shinier, more delicate hairs which lay over the undercoat.

This is a vintage black curly lamb fur jacket dating to the s and made in a very cute style! The back of the jacket is gathered to form a slight “panel” in the Price: $

Structural Problems Overloading Stresses within a wall, or acting on the house as a whole, can create stress cracks. Appearing as diagonal lines in a wall, stress cracks usually start at a door or window frame, but they can appear anywhere in the wall, with seemingly random starting points. Builders of now-historic houses had no codes to help them size the structural members of buildings. The weight of the roof, the second and third stories, the furniture, and the occupants could impose a heavy burden on beams, joists, and studs.

Even when houses were built properly, later remodeling efforts may have cut in a doorway or window without adding a structural beam or “header” across the top of the opening. Occasionally, load-bearing members were simply too small to carry the loads above them.

A Man’s Guide to Overcoats

Yes, there are photos of Barbra Streisand wearing this nightdress from the movie, but this scene along with many others were cut from the final released film, but there is even a blog dedicated to ALL the cut scenes from this movie. It’s a shame, but nice to know someone kept records, and perhaps the original clip will be available at some point!

According to the blog, this was for Scene Here’s the link to the blog:

But the ease with which these coats picked up dirt meant that most women who opted for this fashion trend needed to have multiple driving coats as one or more were frequently with the laundress. The Sears Catalogue sold driving coats for women, Sears Company/Public Domain.

From dungarees and pinafore dresses to double denim and crop tops, current casual wear reflects this era down to a T. Grunge style initially made popular by rock bands such as Nirvana and Blondie has also influenced effortless dressing through the introduction of oversized sweaters, plaid shirts, and ripped jeans. If you want to get the look, it’s all about layering to achieve a laid-back, thrown-on aesthetic. Simply put on a crop top under some dungarees and roll them up at the bottoms.

Then finish off the outfit with a plaid shirt unbuttoned, beat-up Converse , and a colorful beanie hat. Dodgy haircuts aside, it’s all about embracing androgyny to channel impactful masculine looks. You can easily rock this type of vintage-inspired fashion through a tailored pant suit, complete with a button-up shirt, court shoes, and some bold geek chic glasses.

If you want to up the ante, don’t just choose a safe neutral color palette. Make your outfit pop by opting for either a bright fuchsia or a multi-colored printed suit with a complementary shirt. From the “disco fever” looks consisting of flared jumpsuits and sequin dresses to the hippie-style aesthetic featuring folky prints and floaty dresses with bell sleeves, the motifs, shapes, and colors are all super playful and tie in together nicely.

To get the look, wear a paisley print top with long bell sleeves over a ruched maxi skirt, strappy sandals, and a flower power headband for a casual summer event.

Selling fur on Cambridge market could be banned very soon

Various designers and clothing stores have incorporated the look and feel of yesteryear in their fashion pieces. Why not get these signature pieces in its original state at a shop that specialises in what your mom used to wear? Vintage clothing stores in Cape Town are wonderfully nostalgic – not just for the comforting, musty scent, but also for the history connected to each garment.

Women’s Fashion Accessories A number of accessories were important to the woman’s s wardrobe, including long strands of pearls, bangles, dangling earrings, and furs. Long fur coats fur worn with the straight, curveless cut popular during the s.

She also has a blog, Theda Bara Vintage. She also blogs at Shoes and Pie. Collecting means different things to different people… Not only does everyone have a unique reason for collecting, a different aesthetic, and, therefore, a collection specialized to their own tastes, but when it comes to vintage garments, many of us also wear what we collect — or, in cases of the talented, like Layla, use the pieces as inspiration for our fashion designs. What you are looking for in vintage clothing depends on your purpose.

When shopping for vintage lingerie, make sure it is genuinely vintage by following some of these tips: Rayon satins and silks where mainly used before ; after-wards, the use of nylon and nylon blends became very popular.

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After about 35 years the company decided to add jewelry to their clothing to show the public a more completed “look”; the jewelry proved to be so popular that retailers had difficulty preventing people from stealing the jewelry off of the clothing. In a flash of inspiration it was decided to sell jewelry separately from the clothing. For almost 20 years this jewelry was unmarked, but in approximately it was decided to mark jewelry with “Eisenberg Originals” sometimes the “original” was left off , a mark that was used until the late ‘s most of the WWII era pieces were also sterling and marked as such , when a script “E” and eventually Eisenberg in block letters replaced the first marking.

A block E was also used closer to , and from to present Eisenberg Ice has been used, with pieces in the ‘s and ‘s for the most part remaining unmarked. In Eisenberg introduced Eisenberg Ice Classics, which also continues to the present.

Later, the belt was substituted with buttons, and when they started wearing the coats after the game as well, spectators noted it and by the end of the ’s the Polo Coat was one of the most popular ivy league overcoats.

Fashion in What kind of clothes did people wear in ? No final answer to questions about the waistline was given in High waist, low waist, natural waist, no waist: The two main camps continued to be led by Dior and Balenciaga. Otherwise, one designer after another forsook the Dior high-waist camp, and went over to Balenciaga, who put all his strength and authority behind his slack-waisted dresses and middy-line suits.

Each line called for a different type of corsetting, a different figure, a different posture, a different personality. Whether the two could continue to exist side by side or whether one would eventually triumph over the other remained to be seen. It seemed that, since the end of World War II, fashion was taking a long time to settle into an accepted form which would stand, historically, as the look of the mid-century; but maybe it was part of the character of the time to allow this latitude for women to suit themselves instead of forcing them into a mold that might be suitable or unsuitable.

An evening gown by Griffe Paris would be in shell pink chiffon with a harem skirt that flows straight from high draped bust. Day necklines ranged from the turtle or polo and the high straight Chinese neckband, to the draped cowl and the deep wide round scoop, which was first used for cocktail clothes but came to be seen increasingly for informal dresses. Even suits had deep standaway necks, sometimes filled in with a ribbon tie, a scarf or gilet, but sometimes bare.

Coats narrowed from the sheltering tents of earlier seasons.

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Dating infants is best achieved by dating the photographic process, we stress this enough. See “History of Photographic Processes”. The image can be on copper, glass, tin, or paper.

xx, SD. WINTER OUTERWEAR FUR TREND. Before launching into identifying vintage furs of mink, fox, rabbit, beaver and raccoon , I must point out that fur is a big trend for winter

They are a great choice for men who prefer longer lengths for more protective coverage from the elements. However, ankle length styles can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look, since most retailers sell trenches with lengths at mid-calf and above. This casual-styled trench is ideal for everyday wear. It comes in a deep tan faux-suede finish with flap-styled pockets and notched lapels. It is doubled breasted and outfitted with marble-colored buttons for added detail.

It also has an inner welt pocket, ideal for carrying glasses, a phone, or other small items. The style of this trench resembles the coat worn by the title character from television’s Dr. The overall customer review ratings are very positive, and purchasers speak highly of its great fit, warmth, and the nice look of the fabric and inner silk lining. Custom-sized coat orders are similarly priced, but it usually takes six to ten business days for them to ship.

It is also single breasted with a three-button closure, and it’s fully lined. This style is very professional-looking, and the roomy fit is ideal for wearing over suits. Additional features include a notched lapel, a welt pocket, and center back vent. The coat is also water repellent.


I’m a retired Marine and have the actual articles. The embroidered EGA on the front is different – eagle’s wings too thin, globe larger, the inside tag is wrong and actually has a spelling error. I didn’t know that we were a corporation! The tag is also incorrectly affixed to the side of the cover versus the inside top as it should be.

Read my guide on International Ladies’ Garment Worker’s union labels to learn how their identification helps when dating the era of your women’s vintage clothing. Thank you to the Family Vintage Jewels for loaning vintage clothing for creation of this article.

Having difficulty getting your party going? Edna Geister had a suggestion: In fact, some car owners spent nearly as much on their motoring clothes as they did on their cars. This woman driver wears a hat but no veil to keep the dust from the dirt road off her face, Public Domain. Suggested form letters played on fears that an improperly dressed driver was missing out on the joys of motoring.

Ideally, this coat would cover and protect drivers and passengers as they sped down the road. Because early motor cars exposed their passengers to the elements, these coats were often made of extremely heavy-weight fabrics.

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