How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

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Hand plane technology progressed through the centuries with wooden planes making way for metal-bodied planes. Molding, grooving and dado planes, including plow, dado, beading, etc. This translated to having a different wooden plane for each application, and could get cumbersome for the cabinetmaker of the time. Stanley developed this combination plane with an adjustable fence which is capable of accepting an assortment of straight blades, beading planes, and match groove blades.

The design removed the need for multiple wooden planes for different sized grooves, dadoes, rabbets and beads. This particular series of plane, the Stanley No.

Sep 19,  · dating the plane. By digging around on the internet across a range of sites, I was able to put together a few clues as to the age of the plane. While I can’t claim to be % accurate, I reckon the following information is pretty close to the : The Joy of Wood.

They were all answers to specific questions; you get to try to guess what the original questions were. As you participate in the Hand Tools forum you will see that the same basic questions about planes keep coming up over and over again because there is so much to learn about the subject. That’s why I have compiled these posts. I hope they are a help to new plane users.

Many of the posts have been edited since they were posted. That has usually been done to correct errors, clarify the language. In a few cases, such as the list of useful books on planes, significant additions have been made as well. I have kept the editing true to the original posts, though, not adding significant material beyond the original post. For that reason, if you search the forum for the thread in which a post appeared using specific words or phrases in these posts it may be necessary to make several tries, in case what you search for doesn’t appear in the original.

Because of the specific questions that have been asked, and because of my own attitudes, these posts tend to deal more with, “How many different planes might a woodworker find useful?

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This information was originally on Jay Sutherland’s website, but it went inactive sometime in or Someone had saved this page, so here it is. Jay, if you are out there, please email me! Planes made in Boston, MA from

Block planes range in price from about $12 for a basic plane to $ or more for a collector-quality plane. In the middle of this range is my favorite, the Stanley low-angle block plane (about $45). Less-expensive planes have fewer adjusting mechanisms (you’ll have to wiggle the blade by hand to position it), less accurate machining and lower.

Does anyone know of any sources of info on how to date. This is an early model Spiers dovetailed infill hand plane , possibly even a custom order. It has the trademark early features – low two-piece front bun and. Without going through a full type study , in general, the earliest of the coffin. I, too, have a strong interest obsession? Spiers Number 1 Panel Plane. Welcome to Spiers Handplanes. I’m currently working on the site right now November 10, , so come back in a week or so. The double rabbet, mitre and smoothing planes also changed their.

Collectors of hand tools will be aware that iron woodworking planes were once. As is common in Scotland the spelling of Spiers sometimes becomes Speirs. Site is the home of the north and in a highly sought after in.

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Friends With Sites of Interest Due to Injury am not taking any more work.. The Best Hand Plane Resource! Now there is two schools of thought on refinishing planes.. Notice I did not say Restoring is the first think you should notice..

Mar 23,  · User vs Collectible Stanley Planes On March 23, May 4, By MVFlaim Furnituremaker In Antique Tools Sometimes I’ll see people ask the simple question on woodworking forums on whether or not an old plane they picked up at a garage sale is worth anything.

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How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

Still, a hand plane may be just the right tool for those places in a house where wooden parts need to fit precisely, such as cabinets, doors, and trim. In these places, planes can smooth surfaces, remove minuscule amounts of material at a time, and clean up areas cut by other, less precise tools. In many places, planes can reduce or even eliminate the need for sanding.

STANLEY “LIBERTY BELL” PLANES TYPE STUDY September 6, By Robert E. Ziegler The starting point for this type study is the information in John Walter’s book, Antique & .

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The 41 was offered from to , and was probably phased out in favor of the more versatile Stanley 45’s. This model dates to between and , when slitting cutters with depth stops were added to the main body casting. The skewed cutter on the fillister bottom makes cutting easier, and the fence, supported by two arms and running the length of the sole, makes the 41 less annoying to use than its closest rival in our shop, the Stanley 78 duplex plane. There is a small spur knicker ahead of the blade on the edge of the fillister bottom for working across the grain, but it is so small that it is doubtful whether this was ever much use, as there is no room to re-sharpen or adjust it.

In a wooden plane, the taper on the blade helps to keep the iron tight against the wedge – backwards force on the iron serves to tighten it.

Hand Tools. Chisels Saws Planes A History of Norris Plane Quality: 08/24/ Mention “Norris Plane” to anyone who reads about woodworking these days and you get one of two reactions. One: Mist appears in their eyes or two: you get a comment that they are no better than a good Lie-Nielsen plane.

Return to Hyperkitten Getting started I’ve converted some of the plane dating information found in Patrick Leach’s Plane Type Study into an easy-to-use hypertext flowchart. Hopefully by answering a few questions about your plane you can determine which type it is. The flowchart starts by asking questions about the cast iron bed of your plane.

I’ve chosen the bed as a starting point because it has many easily identifiable markings, and it probably wasn’t replaced that often. Unfortunately, many plane types share the same bed markings, so other features are also used in dating. Some plane parts were frequently replaced by their owners, or are easily separated from the plane, such as irons, cap irons, knobs and totes, and lever caps.

These features are avoided where possible, along with features that appear in only some planes of a given type i.

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Mist appears in their eyes or two: The only obvious conclusion you can draw from this is that Norris made a lot of planes in their history, some of them are incredible, some of them suck. Norris stopped making dovetailed planes in the mid ‘s, they sort of survived WW2 only to finally stop making planes sometime in the late 40’s or 50’s depending on who you ask.

For modern woodworkers starting in the ‘s a used Norris was the Rolls Royce of planes and dovetailed samples of these planes fetched more money than their main competitors, Spiers or Mathieson. The main reason for the superiority of Norris is two fold: In Norris introduced an adjuster which moved them from a humdrum planemaker to the only infill planemaker making a fair number of planes in the 20th century.

Antique woodworking planes including some rare and unusual patented planes by other makers can be found my other tool pages right now. Please visit those pages by clicking the links found in the left hand .

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Levels came next, and a few years later they got into the woodworking plane making business producing a line of metal bodied planes utilizing Leonard Baileys Patents and designs for metal bodied bench planes and scrapers. That association had a rocky history and that story is detailed in Roger Smiths books on the history and development of Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes in America Vol.

They are worthwhile reads. After Stanley’s initial success with Leonard Bailey’s patents and the acceptance of metal bodied planes by America’s working craftsmen Stanley added new designs and innovative models to their line of metal bodied planes including many different rabbet planes, dado planes, compass planes and other specialty planes in addition to standard bench plane lines.

These designs have famous names like the Miller’s Patent or Schrade associated with them as well as other lesser known inventors patents and ideas that Stanley bought and utilized in their designs. The Stanley Rule and Level Company spent a lot of time and effort developing a market and filling the need or demand of early craftspeople wanting top quality tools.

STANLEY PLANES AND SCREW THREADS by John Bates Part Two: Stanley Plane Threads – What they are and why they were used TTTG is interested in all traditional hand and machine tools. Membership of TTTG is by subscription. Membership of TTTG is open to all interested individuals.

Hand Plane Starter Kit: While hand planes are alluring to many woodworkers, getting started can be confusing since there are so many options. If you ask hand plane enthusiasts which planes to start with, you might receive as many answers. Based upon my 15 year love affair with hand planes, the following is my suggested approach to help you get started. Today, however, many woodworkers have chosen a path where power tools perform many of the tasks that were previously performed by hand planes.

Even those of us who have made a significant investment in a power tool arsenal can benefit from incorporating hand planes into our repertoire. Some of the aspects that I enjoy about hand plane use include:

Smoothing Plane Shoot Out – Veritas, Classic Stanley, & Harbor Freight